Ihr Song «Torn» ist mittlerweile volljährig – jetzt bringt Natalie Imbruglia ein Album nur mit Männer-Songs heraus. Hier gibt es meine Rezension. Im Interview erzählt sie mir, warum sie ihren Superhit von 1997 trotzdem noch liebt. Und wer ihn ihrer Meinung nach einmal covern sollte.

Now your new album «Male» is out – what about it?

«It’s a covers album of all male artists – my favourite artists. Some of them I got into, like Neil Young, when I was a teenager. And others I got introduced by my producer like Death Cab for Cutie and Zac Brown Band. So some of the American acts were a bit new to me. I obviously spent 20 years living in London.»

Did you have specific artists in mind beforehand?

«It started out like that: I was gonna do all my favourite acts, male and female. But some of my favourite artists and the songs they have written didn’t suit my voice. And I hadn’t really thought about that side of it. (…) That got me thinking about the mood of the album, what style to do, what kind of production. I wanted to do something not electronic, very stripped back. I wanted to go for more singer/songwriters, that really focused on storytelling and the story behind the song.»

A couple of months ago Bette Midler did an album covering girl bands …

«Really? Oh that’s a fantastic idea.»

It’s mostly 60s, but also some TLC.

«I’m gonna download this album, it sounds amazing.»

Midler covering girl bands, you covering male artists – if next someone has the idea of covering female artists including your «Torn»: Who would you like it to be?

«Recently in Cannes I bumped into Boy George. As soon as he saw me – we know each other socially from over the years living in London – he started singing “Torn” and it sounded amazing. So I probably say: Boy George. He has a beautiful tone to his voice.»

Do you think «Torn» is still a cool song 18 years after the making?

«When it first went really big around the world I decided to stay friends with it. So it was a conscious decision to not get bitter about it. Because I’ve been to so many concerts where artists, that I love, don’t play their hits, and it’s always disappointing to go home and not hearing the song you love. So for me, it brought great things to my life. (…) I still love singing “Torn”. I hope I’ll do in another ten years, cause I will probably be singing it for another ten years.»